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Chance to win a pair of
Jordan Thunder


Test your receiving skills to win a pair of $420 Jordan Thunder 4 shoes size 9.5


Catch as many footballs as you can in 30 seconds.   Sign up with email address and a $5 entry fee and show off your skills


Contest runs through December 23rd


Shoes given away to the person who catches

the most footballs, a tie will be decided by

Tie breaker.

Elevate your skills

Recruiting and Scholarships


At X's & O's Football School, our core mission is to empower high school football athletes to excel both on and off the field. We are dedicated to nurturing their skills in specific football positions, enhancing their speed, and refining their agility to help them become standout players. Our training programs are designed to push their limits, foster growth, and instill a deep understanding of the game.

We don't stop at physical training. Our commitment extends to providing comprehensive support in the journey towards college football. This includes personalized guidance in recruiting and obtaining scholarships, ensuring our athletes have the best opportunities to showcase their talents at the collegiate level.

Our philosophy is built on the belief that excellence in football requires more than just physical prowess. It demands discipline, teamwork, and a strategic mindset. At X's & O's Football School, we're not just training athletes; we're shaping the future leaders of the sport, equipped with the skills, knowledge, and character to succeed both on the field and in life."

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